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21 feb 2007

AATA`s International Conference on the welfare of animals in transport

The world truly is a global marketplace with many factors impinging on your business, and this year’s AATA Conference in San Diego, California, April 22-25 2007, will address several of those factors regardless of what mode of transport you choose or the species involved.  The major sources for concern for business owners dedicated to the safe and humane transportation of animals is expanding governmental regulations, the control of the spread of disease by animals and a newer and more dangerous aspect of Animal Extremism.  This conference will touch all of these subjects and will offer the attendees the knowledge and experience of our expert presenters in each of these areas.

The Conference Committee has invited several speakers and presenters from various governments around the world, and attendees are certain to get the latest updates on governmental regulations in the U.S. and abroad, especially as it relates to the ever-changing subject of security.   Additionally, university professors from around the world will speak on the impacts of disease and stress on animal transportation around the world, including an invited speaker from the OIE on Bird Flu and its impact on world trade.  

Another major topic of this conference will be the impact of various animal extremists groups around the world.  With political climates changing in the countries where we live and trade, there’s no doubt that you will be affected by their efforts.   Whilst our group’s mission is to improve animal welfare while in transport, there are extremists in the world who would prefer to see our members out of business.   We will examine these groups, their topics and ways to promote safer and more humane transports for animals in trade.

There is something at this conference for everyone regardless of the mode of transport or the species involved.

Please click here to read the agenda.

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